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These directions are provided only for those who have made an appointment to visit by calling 530-642-8017 and for our invited guests. These directions are not a general invitation to the public to visit our ranch at any time. Trespassing is a criminal offense and all violations are reported to the Sheriff for prosecution.

Please note that special deliveries using large trucks must take an alternate route (please contact us for specific directions), as the one lane bridge in Coloma has weight and height restrictions. In addition, Bayne Road from the West to East direction is narrow and has a significant grade that large trucks should not attempt. This notice does not apply to the typical delivery vehicles used by UPS or Federal Express and simialr delivery services.
  1. Take Highway 50 out of Sacramento towards Placerville.
  2. Stay on Highway 50 until you reach the Shingle Springs/Mother Load Drive exit (Exit 37) (approximately 20 miles past Sunrise Blvd). A mile or so before you come to the Shingle Springs/Mother Lode Drive exit (Exit 37), you will see a Food 4 Less on the right side of the Highway 50 and an exit for Cameron Park Dr. After you pass the Cameron Park exit, you will take the next exit and you will see several signs preceding the exit:
  1. Sign 1: "Shingle Springs Exit 1 Mile".
  2. Sign 2: "Ponderosa Road Exit 37"
  3. Sign 3: So. Shingle Springs/Mother Lode Drive
  4. Sign 4: Exit 37
  1. When you take the exit to the Right (Exit 37), stay in your Left lane, as you come to a STOP Light.

  2. At the STOP Light take a LEFT and go over Highway 50.

  3. After you cross over Highway 50, you will encounter two more stop lights. You will take a RIGHT at the second light onto North Shingle Road (the road will parallel Highway 50 for a very short distance). It is the first turn you can make after crossing over Highway 50 (without getting back on Highway 50).

  4. Continue on North Shingle Road. In about 4 miles, Green Valley Road will appear on your left, as it intersects with North Shingle Road. At this point North Shingle becomes Green Valley Road.

  5. North Shingle Road/Green Valley Road continues for about 1 mile, when Green Valley Road turns off to the RIGHT (to Placerville). Continue going straight and you will then be on Lotus Road. You will encounter a STOP sign at Basi Road.

  6. Continue on Lotus Road and you will dead-end into Highway 49. Take a RIGHT on Highway 49 and go about 1.5 miles.

  7. Within a few hundred yards after your turn on to Highway 49 you will enter the California Gold Discovery State Park. The speed limit is closely monitored

  8. Once in the park you will see a group of buildings and a road crossing Highway 49. (There is a gold panning exhibit on the left side of the road). Take a LEFT and cross the Mt. Murphy Bridge (a one lane bridge) over the South Fork of the American River. A right turn would have taken you to the Gold Discovery Museum.

  9. Once over the Mt. Murphy Bridge, you will pass the entrance to a campground on the RIGHT. After the entrance to the campground, take your first RIGHT onto Bayne Road. Continue on Bayne Road for about 2.5 miles as it winds up the hill (the pavement soon becomes gravel and the last 1/2 mile will be gravel).

  10. Near the first fire hydrant (on the left) you will see a driveway and a Twin Ridges Road sign. (Twin Ridges Road is our driveway) Take a LEFT into the entrance and bear to the LEFT. You will pass thorough a pipe gate and then further down the road a second pipe gate. Continue on the road for about .8 of a mile until you come to the house...

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